Phd in Arts and Cultural Informatics at University of Illinois

Research and Work of Michael J Junokas

Michael J Junokas is currently pursuing his PhD in Arts and Cultural Informatics at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.


Intel Galileo Board Exploration

Exploring the Intel Galileo V2 Board through an audio project

HACC Interface

The Human Analog Computer Control(HACC) Interface is a HCI interface developed for dancers. The HACC Interface allows for dancers to directly interact with audio signals, integrating their movement directly with analog circuit that can be used to drive custom developed software


HARD-R  is an Interstate 55 based collaboration between Mike Junokas and Edward Breitweiser. Since 2010, Junokas and Breitweiser have been designing concert length improvised musical performances for electronics, laptops, and multiple loudspeakers. In these performances, custom software and handmade electronic devices are arranged into semi-autonomous networks whose long-form interactions develop into unforeseen musical structures and sonic environments.