Amplified Solar Oscillators

Amplified Solar Oscilators (ASO) are self-sufficient, automated circuitry in newtwork that utilizes solar power and voltage feedback systems to generate aleatoric ecologies.

The networks are comprised of individual ‘species evolutions.’ A ‘species’ maintains the same voltage source and integrated circuitry while ‘evolutions’ vary in passive components (capacitance, resistance, and transistance).

In its most current iteration, species derive voltage from solar cells and consist of a single integrated circuit (LM386 audio amplifier). Utilizing signal feedback, each individual circuit creates its own audio signature based on the composition of its components. In order to be considered an evolution, the circuitry must be composed of a different arrangement of passive components from past species.

Different individuals of the species interact with the environment and each other through voltage and auido signal processing. The resulting uaudio network and evolutionary tree represents the creative expansion of the sonic ecology over time.

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