is That(‘s) all there is

is That(‘s) all there is  is a series of three interactive multi-media ecologies: ,you sound so familiar… (2016), to me,…as if i’ve heard this before (2016), …somewhere, right now (2017).

These ecologies incorporate observers’ movement into a visual and sonic atmosphere, creating a dynamic, feedback artistic ecology. By gathering and analyzing a variety of movement features, elements of the installation “react” to the observer, relaying imagery and audio throughout the environment. As the observer moves and reacts within the space, they become integrated directly with the visual and aural elements, creating responsive feedback ecology.

For movement analysis, the installation uses a trio of Microsoft Kinect V2 to gather and pipe skeleton features to custom designed software where movement analysis is performed in real-time. This analysis is translated into control data, which interacts with the audio and visual elements.

For audio, the installation uses automated, granular synthesizers, generating probabilistic responses to the movement analysis, setting the parameters of the synths within stochastic response ranges, realized in 8.1 surround sound.

For the visuals, the installation uses a cluster of video synthesizers projected on three screens, generated by analyzing the aural spectrum of the granular synths.

Overseeing the ecology is a digital software network that drives the dynamic feedback environment, where all aspects of the installation (including the observer) are living and contributing together.



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